About me

Petra Gehlen Born in a little town close to the Rhine in Germany I developed an early desire for travelling, freedom and adventures. So I travelled through Europe, Egypt, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, South and Central Pacific and Peru.

But the freedom of travelling doesn't necessarily include a feeling of inner freedom.

I could feel my inner bondages even more because I expected freedom and strength and I had to realize that all this has not much to do with the external world, it must be inside.

I studied social work and psychotherapy, worked many years with people with disabilities and with HIV and AIDS and became mother of three children.

My desire for freedom helped me to quit my job, study alternative healing and gave me the courage to go through deep inner processes during my healing studies.

The coincidences of life guided me to these shamanic, energetic therapies. Shamanic travelling between the worlds helped me to experience inner wideness and to develop abilities that make us perceive more than we do with normal senses. This ability exists in everybody.

My search was successful. I don't have itchy feet anymore but I offer travels called "Energetic Journeys" to Sardinia, Greece and Peru and I work in an frame house with a beautiful view.

I would love to help you finding internal and external freedom, to dissolve blockades and expose you to your personal adventure.